EDR Download

Obtaining the information contained within a vehicle’s Event Data Recorder (EDR) is quickly becoming the standard for a complete insurance claim investigation. It is estimated that 80% of the vehicles on the road today are equipped with an EDR.  With the 2013 model year of vehicles, federal legislation mandated that car manufactures standardize what information is captured and how it is reported.


The information contained in the EDR presents crucial evidence of the factors that played a role in a traffic crash, evidence that could not be obtained with this high degree of accuracy until now.  EDR data can also be used by a crash re-constructionist to examine what the factors were concerning not just the insured’s vehicle, but the other vehicle in the crash as well.  Imagine what might happen if the other vehicle’s expert has downloaded their vehicle’s EDR and is using it to determine what your vehicle’s speed was?  Wouldn't you rather have downloaded your vehicle’s EDR and have the most accurate information yourself?


Identify fraudulent claims

  •   Obtain pre-crash vehicle data
  •   vehicle speed
  •   seat belt status
  •   ignition cycles
  •   throttle position
  •   brake status
  •   many other valuable parameters


Evaluate liability


Quickly make accurate, defensible determinations where liability is questioned


Detect the absence of "jump-in" passengers in a vehicle at the time of a crash