Crash Reconstruction

 Inspection of vehicles and scene involved in accident

  • prepare damage profile of the vehicles
  • inspect  brakes, steering, tires, suspension, lights, etc.
  •    Inspection of accident scene
  •    measure point of impact, final resting positions, skid marks, and gouge marks
  •    measure roadways, determine co-efficent of friction for roadway
  •    determine traffic signal and traffic device types, placement and sequence
  •    photograph scene
  •    determine and document any environmental or other factors to crash


Review police investigative reports


Crash reconstruction analysis

  •       formulate a collision analysis using momentum, damage energy analysis and from other collected data
  •       prepare speed estimates, dynamics of the collision and how they relate to vehicle   movement
  •     explain occupant movement or ejections by the use of occupant kinematics
  •      prepare traditional overhead and 3D diagrams
  •      create full 3D animation of traffic crash


Event Data Recorder (EDR)

  •     download data and analyze information from accident vehicles equipped with EDR's
  •     prepare a written data summary utilizing data from EDR's


 Preparation of materials for court

  •     complete accident investigation report
  •     traditional overhead and 3D diagrams to scale


 Review reports of opposing expert